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Canada Drug Center, with over 250,000 customers, is fully committed to providing you with the highest quality brand name and generic medications at the most affordable prices from approved international pharmacies and fulfillment centers. At Canada Drug Center, all of our medications are shipped to you in its original manufacturer packaging. We are an approved member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), Pharmacy Checker, and the International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia. This means that our business practices and our licensed pharmacies and international fulfillment centers are continuously monitored and regulated to ensure safety, reliability, and quality.


  • Full third party guarantee of your purchase up to $500
  • $10,000 identity theft protection
  • 100% lowest price guarantee

This promotion is applicable to prescription medication Orders only. All trademark (TM) rights associated with the brand name products in this ad belong to their respective owners. Generic drugs are carefully regulated medication that have the same medical ingredients as the original brand name drug, but are generally cheaper in price. Generic equivalents are equal to their 'brand counterparts' in Pure Ingredients, Dosage, Safety, Strength, Duality, and Intended use. It may vary in color, shape, size, cost and appearance.